The Safer Families Programme


Safer Families is a programme for high-risk pregnant women with multiple-risk histories.

Acceptance criteria

Safer Families accepts clients with the following criteria:

    • Pregnant, post 24 weeks.
    • Be considered by maternity providers, health or welfare professionals to be at high risk of having a detrimental environment. Examples include:  young maternal age,  substance addictions,  family violence, and previous involvement with CYF Service.
    • Living in Christchurch.
    • Willing to work with a Social Worker in their own home.
    • Willing to make a commitment to their children and to creating a safe home environment for them.

Referral Packages

Referrals to Safer Families can be made by any maternity provider, other hospital-based professionals or any other professional working with pregnant women. Postnatal referrals are sometimes accepted.

These documents are available for download and printing. All are in PDF format.

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents. Should you not have this installed on your computer, you can download it (free) from:  (If this is not feasible, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask for the documents in Word format.)

REFERRAL PACKAGE FOR CHILD YOUTH AND FAMILY STAFF ONLY: Please use this form only if the referral is from a CYF staff member. Download CYF referral form and risk criteria here (pdf) and here in a word doc


Since establishment in July 2001 and up until 2012:

    • 71% of referrals from the health sector.
    • 17% of referrals from child youth and family
    • 12% from community agencies and other sources