Hippy Hoon Hay News

Family Help Trust is delighted to bring HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) to Hoon Hay, Christchurch, based at Rowley Avenue Primary School.  This is a new service for us, but one that we have watched with interest as it expanded significantly throughout the North Island.  Budget 2011 made the funds available for additional sites and we were excited to be selected as the HIPPY site host.  Anne Galloway,  our first HIPPY Co-ordinator, was recruited towards the end of 2011 and three tutors were employed for our first programme early in 2012.  

Anne resigned in late 2016 after she was elected as the Halswell ward representative on the Christchurch City Council.  The new Co-ordinator is Michelle Rose-Johns.  If you wish to enrol your child in the HIPPY Hoon Hay programme or want to know more about it please contact Michelle.  

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 020 413 62054


Success Indicators for HIPPY

One of our HIPPY children was stressed at birth and as a result was a child identified with early risk factors and the potential for challenge. 

According to her Pediatrician, "this child displays improved confidence within the family and in new situations since beginning HIPPY and is now developing along the continuim at a normal rate in terms of her processing and learning new things.  The parent is the best teacher for a child with the potential for challenge, and by teaching the parent, HIPPY enables strength-based ongoing learning to happen.  The parent is able to scaffold the child to learn in a very positive way."

Awa’s Journey

Outward  Bound  18th-25th November 2012

A brief description:

  • > 8 full days
  • > 6am-12pm
  • > 14 participants : 21- 53 yrs old.
  • > Activities included- rock climbibg, hiking,sailing,solo time in bush,high wire,12km run, swimmimng, workshops, preparing food, cleaning duties.

Challenges: By accepting the invitation to do “Outward Bound” I was challenged at so many levels….. The morning I left I was dry retching because I was so nervous and worried about how I would manage!

The biggest challenge was climbing the mountain (1500 metres above sea level) having to tramp almost vertically up hill with a pack!  It was so physically hard - I was very sore - and  I worried that I would hold everyone back! I had to work so hard to overcome the ”you cant do this “ voice in my head. Another challenge was having to use the “bucket” (no toilet!), and not being able to shower!

Learnings: I have learnt  many new things from participating in Outward Bound. I know now that I could handle just about anything that’s thrown at me! Instead of going into a downward spiral when Im faced with difficulties, I know now how to change my self talk. For example instead of saying, “oh no , I havent had any sleep and I’m going to have a rubbish day”, I now make an effort to overcome negative thoughts and think, “pull yourself together! You can cope!” The hill climb taught me that I’m determined and that I can achieve on my own. It also taught me that it is ok to ask for help - usually I am the strong one that others lean on – but this was far bigger than anything I had faced before and the leaders gave me the support and encouragement I needed.

In the past I have been reluctant to step forward  and take the lead in a difficult situation because I was afraid I would fail but during my time at Outward Bound, I was encouraged to take a risk and to take the lead in  several activities which  has made me more confident.

This year I have been training  and working as a Tutor with  HIPPY –a programme that trains parents to work with their pre-schoolers. I felt comfortable participating in the workshops because the format and some of the information given was familiar.

We were encouraged to write a letter to ourselves before we left Outward Bound, outlining  some goals for the next few months. This will be sent to us in six months time as a sort of self-check…… I’m pretty sure that I will have reached them!

I'm so glad I took hold of this opportunity. I could have so easily backed away and missed out on the  amazing personal growth that has come from my time at Outward Bound.