Hippy Aranui Graduation 2015


Aranui HIPPY started in January 2014. On 8 December 2015 nine Aranui families became the first to graduate from the 60-week programme, with all the children ready to start school, and some having already made a start.

Celebrating together at HIPPY host Aranui Primary School, HIPPY co-ordinator Bridget Swan reflected on how the families have worked to prepare their children for a successful start to school.

“Our local community is strongly behind the HIPPY concept. Comments from parents about their bonding and relationships with their children through the programme are fantastic. Although earthquake damage in the east has made recruiting new families a challenge, around 100 new Housing NZ houses will have families living in them from early 2016, so our numbers should increase,” she said.

The parents and caregivers also kindly shared their thoughts on what the HIPPY programme has meant to them.


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Sarah and Dion
I have become more confident and learnt so much. Through the structured learning time I have gained the knowledge I need to continue to help Dion through the rest of his schooling. We have both grown together in so many ways and I have loved watching Dion have fun and learn so many skills. He has become open to learning.
Bianca and Tama
HIPPY has helped Tama prepare for school and learn about feelings. We have had lots of discussions about concepts that have come up in the books. It helped me to teach Tama that school is not scary and that I will always come back for him.
Sarah and Zoe
I have really enjoyed being a part of Zoe’s learning these past two years and watching her grow. I don’t think Zoe would have the level of skill she has with her writing, numeracy, language and writing without HIPPY.


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Tina and Alex
Doing HIPPY has been amazing for both Alex and me, as we have both learnt new skills and I can now communicate with Alex.
Rebekah and Millie
HIPPY has given Millie a good, solid foundation for her learning future. It has helped me appreciate the early childhood learning process better. It has also provided a wealth of ideas that I plan to keep on doing.
Sita and Jade
Spending one-on-one time with my child will always be worthwhile and HIPPY is something just for us. It has shown me how I can support my child’s education.




Linda and Latesha
Latesha was a prem baby and I thought HIPPY would be the kick-start she needed for school. She has now settled into school like a charm. She has grown in her speech, writing and reading. HIPPY taught me that my daughter is not so little any more.

Angela and Dominic
HIPPY has changed me and Dominic for the best. Dominic is a different child, he was a quiet little boy that was shy, and wouldn’t take risks, now he is standing in front of the whole school presenting assembly. I am a more confident mum and person.

Rachel and Monique
HIPPY has made us closer having one-on-one time. It has prepared Monique for school.