FHT Strategic Plan 2016-2020


Through our uniquely targeted home based interventions, Canterbury's most vulnerable children are safe, healthy, nurtured and supported by resliient families whānua and strong communities and are cofident and ready to succeed in life.


Family Help Trust ...

  • > Works in partnership with Canterbury children and their whānau who live in high-risk households, experience multiple vulnerabilities and needs, and are at greatest risk of negative life outcomes
  • > Provides long-term, early intervention in-home social services that facilitate access to resources and support; cultivate nurturing and responsive parent/child relationships; promote healthy childhood growth and development; and build foundations for strong family functioning
  • > Produces evidence of a positive return on investment including reduced child abuse and neglect; improved health & development outcomes; reduced isolation; improved school readiness & success; reduced crime; and increased family financial stability.


  • > To maintain the highest possible level of professionalism and accountability.
  • > To uphold the paramountcy of the primary client, the child, in the context of their family/whānau.
  • > To respect individual rights and beliefs and uphold the principle of free and informed consent for clients.
  • > To be responsive to the needs of clients, staff and other social service agencies.
  • > To be culturally sensitive.
  • > To integrate the Treaty of Waitangi principles and Māori values into social services by incorporating Whānau Ora into the Trust’s work.

[Whānua Ora applies at all levels of society – at the whānau, hapū, iwi and community level. Identifying the strengths at all levels of a community, empowers and supports them to enhance their own wellbeing.]

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