To provide a superior early intervention social service, through working in partnership with families/whanau experiencing multiple difficulties, to effect and encourage lasting change that enhances the safety, health and welbeing of their children by:

  • developing and maintaining a committed and competent team that works together for the betterment of clients
  • seeking continuous improvement by keeping current with recent research and best practice principles in all aspects of service
  • providing intensive social work interventions that are delivered to clients efficiently and effectively through individually developed and implemented plans


To break the cycle of severe social deprivation of children born into high risk environments through the provision of effective early intervention home visiting services


  • To maintain the highest possible level of professionalism and accountability
  • To focus on the primary client, the child, in the context of their family/whanau
  • To respect individual rights and beliefs and uphold the principle of free and informed consent for clients
  • To be responsive to the needs of clients, staff and other social service agencies
  • To be culturally sensitive

To integrate the Treaty of Waitangi principles and Maori values into social services by incorporating Whanau Ora into the Trust's work