Hippy Hoon Hay Graduation 2014


Hoon Hay HIPPY’s second annual graduation, on 10 December 2014, celebrated the eight families who had successfully completed their second year of the 60-week programme.

Most of these children have now started school, or will do in early 2015. Thanks to HIPPY, and the hard work done by the graduates and their families to develop vital learning skills, they should all be confident learners and can expect to make the most of their education.

These photos show, and the parents and caregivers of the HIPPY children explain, what the HIPPY programme has meant to them.

HippyGrads2014-0400 HippyGrads2014-0383 HippyGrads2014-0395

Janet and her daughter Arleana
“Arleana and I have learnt so much from doing HIPPY together. We have enjoyed the variety of ways the programme uses to teach books, games, colouring, working with numbers, things that I would never have thought of. I have learnt new things as well and have always had a warm welcome from the other parents.”

Kim and her daughter Bridget
“I have enjoyed spending time with Bridget and see her work and how it has improved. Bridget has learned a great deal that is of value. She is interested in books, stories and drawing. She has settled into school well and enjoys it. She is very confident with maths and her reading has improved greatly.”

Sharlene and her daughter Cynize
“I knew Cynize was awesome but never knew how much! I’ve gotten to know so much about her. I just love spending time with Cynize. Thanks HIPPY for letting me get to know my daughter on such a personal level. I’ve loved seeing her grow and helping her with her early education.”


HippyGrads2014-0388 HippyGrads2014-0353

Teresa and her son Ethan
“Ethan loves school and has settled in easily. He has become much more confident and has made many new friends. I loved the one on one time I spent with Ethan and the whole family have got involved with the HIPPY programme.”

Julia and her daughter Ngãpera
“Doing HIPPY has been so worthwhile. Ngãpera loves reading. Her teacher has commented that she is above the expected reading level for her age. HIPPY has encouraged me to be active in Ngãpera’s learning.  I have learnt communication and other skills to help her learn in a variety of ways.”

Tokanga and her daughter Frances
”HIPPY has been an awesome programme because it strengthens the bond between parent and child. I feel confident talking with her teachers about the progress she is making. Her new entrant teacher told Frances knows and can read 42 words by herself. I felt very proud.”



Marie and her daughter Sienna
“HIPPY has helped me to become involved in Sienna’s education. Having one on one time and learning things she wouldn’t normally have known about has prepared her well for school. It has been very worthwhile for me to do HIPPY because I can see the progress Sienna is making.”

Karen and her son Theo
“It has been easy for me to stay committed to HIPPY because Theo has grown so much in confidence and knowledge. I have so enjoyed seeing his happiness when he achieves, especially when he thought an activity would be too hard or it has been something he has struggled with previously. I have learnt to stay calm and patient and that by repeating, repeating and repeating his confidence is built, which leads to achievement.”

Hippy Hoon Hay Graduation 2013


On 11 December 2013, 10 Hoon Hay children and their families celebrated a big day as they became the first Christchurch Hippy graduates.

Hippy, or Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters, helps children from low-income communities develop good learning habits before they start school.

Hoon Hay Hippy started in January 2012. Its first graduating families began making the transition to school in late 2013, successfully completing 60 weeks of Hippy, working together for at least 15 minutes every day on numeracy and literacy exercise.

These photos and the quotes from the parents and caregivers of the Hippy children, show what a wonderful programme this is and why the Family Help Trust is so proud of them, and of its involvement with Hippy.

HippyGrad-2013-Nasareta-and-Angelinna HippyGrad-2013-Amanda-and-Anna HippyGrad-2013-Haidee-and-Blaze

Nasareta and Angelinna
Nasareta: “The thing I have enjoyed about Hippy is all the reading and learning that Angelinna has done. I want to help other parents find out about Hippy because it makes such a difference to their child’s future.”

Amanda and Anna
Amanda: “The thing that I have enjoyed most about Hippy is not only do I get time with Anna but her three older brothers can’t help but hover around us, listening to the Hippy stories being read and wanting to do Hippy too. I have also learnt to give the correct answer instead of saying no. It is so positive for both parent and child and is encouraging for the child to continue learning.”
Haidee and Blaze
Haidee: “The thing I have most enjoyed about Hippy with Blaze is being able to teach him myself and sharing in the fun and rewards. It has been confidence building for both of us and the benefits to Blaze’s development have been outstanding.”


HippyGrad-2013-Tracy-and-Joshua HippyGrad-2013-Fiona-and-Kahurangi

Vickie and Charlotte
Vickie: “The thing I have most enjoyed about Hippy is how close it has made Charlotte and I. Knowing that I am helping her grow and learn has been just great.”

Tracy and Joshua
Tracy: “The thing that I have enjoyed most about Hippy has been the interactions with the other mums and also knowing that I have invested in Joshua’s future. Hippy is a great programme that I would encourage any family to join. Everything that he has learnt will not be wasted.”

Fiona and Kahurangi
Fiona: “The thing I have most enjoyed about Hippy has been the one on one time I have had with my child. I have seen him mature, grow and develop in his confidence and understanding of concepts and the world around him.”




Awa and Layla-Leigh
Awa: “The thing I have most enjoyed about Hippy is seeing how much Layla’s comprehension and understanding has developed as she has engaged in the activities. I get excited about what Layla has learnt and is learning.”

Sam and Lucus
Sam: “The thing that I have enjoyed most about Hippy is that my son Lucus has loved doing the Hippy activities so much and I have loved doing it because he enjoys is so much. We have bonded because of the time we have spent together and watching him learn has made me feel like I am a better parent.”

Nema and Marcellus
Nema: “The thing I have most enjoyed about Hippy is working with Marcellus one on one and spending quality educational time with him, having conversations with him and watching him learn.”


Bunty and Tomairangi
Bunty: “The thing I have enjoyed about Hippy is seeing how happy Tomairangi is when he can answer the questions, and that sitting with me has helped him to be able to focus on activities.”