2013 Business Plan

The 2013 Business Plan provides a clear direction for the Family Help Trust workforce over the next year and links into the higher level three year Strategic Plan.  This is an abridged version.

The following are the Trust goals for 2013

1. To successfully negotiate multi-year contracts with the Ministry of Social Development together with an additional service expansion.

2. To look for other opportunities within our Corrections contract that would enhance our current Mother and Babies in Prison Service. 

3.To look for other opportunities that would achieve additional central government funding, provided it does not compromise the integrity of our existing core business

4. To investigate a better linking with HIPPY Hoon Hay with our core service.  This could include planning for a second HIPPY site in Christchurch.

5.  To complete our overhaul of our outcome evaluation interview system and the Myrtle database.

6.  To complete the current IT system overhaul and security safety changes.  

7.   To investigate opportunities for a new evaluation of FHT services provided the necessary funds are obtained.

8.   To work with other government departments and agencies to expan and promote the delivery of proven effective early intervention services to children at high risk of violence and/or other anti-social behaviours

9.  To initiate the development of a broad plan that would identify cultural training and supervisory needs together with articulating how we meet the cultural responsiveness of both our staff and our clients.

10. To continue exploring the concept of a Child Abuse Prevention Foundation originally suggested in a paper for Family Help Trust by economist David Grimmond.  The MSD Minister’s White Paper and ISO policies has improved the timing of this idea. 

11.   To continue the development of an 'alliance' with several other agencies in order to have a more joined up service for clients as well as taking advantage of the sharing of backroom functions that such an alliance offers. 

12.  To investigate and possiblity conduct a client service satisfaction survey

13.   To investigate the viability of employing a professional fundraiser  

14..  To achieve sustainable funding that is sufficient to ensure continuation of essential services.