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Bridget Swan (Aranui  HIPPY co-ordinator) Bridget has a B. Ed and has completed counselling and social work papers. She is passionate about education and ensuring equitable opportunities for learning.  Bridget believes family is the child's first teacher and is instrumental in setting the child's life long educational experiences.


Jeanette Dobbs (Hornby HIPPY co-ordinator)

Jeanette has a passion for education and has the ability to inspire and motivate themselves to gain confidence and achieve beyond their expectations. She is a passionate believer in education being able to change and improve everyone.

Michelle Rose-Johns (Hoon Hay HIPPY co-ordinator)
Michelle has been working in the early childhood sector for 25 years and is currently completing her Batchelor of teaching degree. Her passion is is to empower children and adults in a way that encourages them to become life long learners.


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